Traffic Or Conversion: What Is More Important?

Regardless of your business and your potential, digital marketing is something that has to be used. Of all elements, parts, and factors associated with this process, traffic and conversion are the best-known and the most common elements. If you are planning to start your new digital marketing campaign in Singapore, you will have to know something first. Traffic and conversions are not as linked as you may believe!

Importance of traffic

Each marketing agency Singapore can help you boost your traffic and it is a good thing. More traffic means more potential and better business awareness. Paired with the wave effect (when one user shares your business to another and so on) traffic can get through the sky in no time at all. We agree it is the first element of digital marketing, at least when it comes to results.

There is but however. You just launched a huge campaign and your traffic is through the roof. You get more and more visitors per day, but your profit isn’t going anywhere. Visit a marketing agency Singapore and you will get an answer instantly. Basically, this is the main drawback with traffic. In order you to understand, we must move to the next part.

Importance of conversion

Conversion simply means the percentage of the visitors who became your customers. The more the merrier, we all know that. It is logical to assume that more traffic means more conversion, which is directly linked to a higher profit.

The answer to the aforementioned matter is that you get plenty of traffic, but you are still low on conversion. There is a simple answer and not so simple solution for this problem. The main thing to remember here is that conversion is actually more important than the traffic!

The cause of problem and the solution

Think like this. You have a great store with the excellent window display. Many people will enter your store. However, once they do, they will notice poor-quality layout, bad products and salesmen will discuss their plans for weakened, rather than to assist the potential customer.

Precisely this happens to your website when you have traffic, but you are low on conversion. People are coming, but they are not interested in the services or products once they see them. Despite the fact your website looks awesome, there is something wrong. Usually, the main problem is in the content. It is well-written, but it doesn’t emphasize the product you want to sell. It is too commercial, or it doesn’t provide the solution for a problem a customer has.

When it comes to the content only, you must use WE or YOU to make it more appealing to your visitors. It also must be direct and well-categorized. Nowadays, a sea of text isn’t a great choice and it will probably force many of the visitors to leave. Short and direct is the best way to go. Anyway, there are several other steps you should implement.

  1. Use proper conversion tools only – None of this will work if your conversion tools are poor-quality. You will get wrong data which will force you to adapt the strategy for a completely wrong problem solution.
  2. Improve user experience – Make the time, a user spends on the website worth it. Use media and high-quality images instead of some poor graphics. Provide as many details (important) to the visitor in the shortest period of time.
  3. Use landing page rather than the main website – Not a single digital marketing agency in Singapore recommends using the main website as a landing page. This is mandatory because a landing page is optimized to deliver a specific type of information to the visitor, while the main website will deliver all of the services you have. A high-quality landing page is simply more important than the rest of the website.
  4. Eliminate permutations – This aspect is relevant to the end result, to conversions. If you offer plenty of different possibilities, consumers will walk away. Why? They will be stressed while choosing what they actually need. We all know that it is in the human nature to leave once stress occurs. Basically, provide to the consumers what they want (this is based on a research) not all what you have.

Now, you should see how the conversion rates are going up. It may be a complicated procedure, but it is essential if you want to have visited and profitable websites, not only visited.

The final thought

Nowadays it isn’t important how great your business offer. It is important what you actually provide. As such, a window display won’t take you anywhere, but a well-directed interior will. Keep in mind that you offer a complete service, not just a part of it. Knowing this, you can relax and wait your traffic and conversion go up.

How the Internet is Shaping Marketing

These days, internet and marketing always goes hand in hand with each other. Digital marketing or online marketing wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. Previously, we had no other option but to go out to the shopping malls and stores to buy whatever we wanted. But because of the internet now we have other options like shopping online. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go. This has made life easier for people specially those who hate shopping but still has to buy things for the sake of it. No matter what you want, you can order it online. All this is made possible because the digital marketers could identify the power of the internet and used it as a tool to promote their personal gains. Truth be spoken, both public and business houses are benefitted from digital marketing and the internet in different ways.

To put in simple words, digital marketing is a term that is used to define the different techniques and strategies that are used to promote and sell products online. Business houses make use of digital marketing to attract customers in order to sell their goods and services online. Digital marketing surpasses traditional marketing in a number of ways. It is because of digital marketing that digital marketers can make use of marketing techniques that have never been possible before. Like for example, the use of animation, graphics, gifs, and videos. All these innovative ideas are used to attract customers which help a business to flourish faster. Apart from these, digital marketing has plenty of other benefits to provide.

How Can Digital Marketing Benefit a Company?

Proper use of digital marketing can help your business reach new heights. Avail the following benefits of digital marketing to give your business a power boost:

  • It’s a cost effective method of marketing when compared to traditional way of marketing. Digital marketing products are available in scalable sizes so that both small and big businesses can make use of these products to reach its target customers.
  • Digital marketing can reach a large mass of consumers. It can be used to reach consumers globally and not be restricted to a specific geographic area like in the case of traditional marketing.
  • In digital marketing you can make use of various innovative techniques or come with new creative ideas and use to attract more customers which are not possible with the traditional form of marketing.
  • In digital marketing you can measure your results and get reliable reports which will let you know that how many people have opened your mail or clicked on your link.
  • Digital marketing allows you to interact with your customers and know their views and opinions which will help you to better your products and services.

How Does It Apply to Singapore?

For people who do not know, Singapore is a giant digital marketing hub in the world. With an internet speed of 38mb per second and more than 90% of the population heavily dependent on the internet it is the real deal in the world of digital marketing. It is obvious that such a great infrastructure will attract the attention of digital marketing agencies from all over the world. A number of international agencies have set up their business in Singapore in the recent years. It is because of this reason that the number of digital marketing agency in Singapore is increasing day by day. The field of marketing agency in Singapore has a huge scope. More than half of the online retail in South Asia happens in Singapore alone. Hopefully, this gives you a fair idea about the power of digital marketing in Singapore.

Singapore has witnessed a tremendous growth in the digital marketing sector in the last few years. At this rate it is sure that more digital agency in Singapore will sprung up in the coming years.